Our Mission:  Sign Ski wants to make it easier for real estate professionals to get the job done.

Sign Ski was born out of my frustration with the difficulty of putting my real estate signs in the ground. Usually the ground was too dry and tough and no matter how hard I wrangled with it and jumped up and down on it, I could only get the sign to go a few inches into the ground and it usually ended up falling over anyway. Not only did my crooked and fallen signs look unprofessional, but this cumbersome task put unsightly holes in beautifully manicured lawns and ruined a few pair of heels in the process.

Often times I would enlist my husband to help me with a sign or if lucky, there would be a good rain and the ground would be soft enough for the sign to go into the ground more easily. This was obviously not an ideal solution. Judging by the number of crooked or fallen real estate signs I see while driving through any given neighborhood, I knew I was not the only Realtor with this problem. So I embarked on developing a true solution.

Now suddenly the toughness of the soil doesn’t matter anymore because with the help of the Sign Ski, the sign sits on top of the ground, not in it. The Sign Ski (Patent Pending) works on grass, dirt or concrete. It securely holds a sign upright no matter if it is windy or rainy. Best of all, Sign Ski is weatherproof and adjustable so you can place your sign on uneven surfaces.

No more wrestling with the signs, remembering to eat your Wheaties, asking for help, or praying for rain!

I sincerely hope Sign Ski proves to be a valuable tool in your real estate arsenal and helps make life just a little bit easier.

Happy Selling,



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Why Strain When You Can Ski?