Dimensions: 42″x6″
Weight: 7lbs per set (2 Skis per set)
Fits yard signs with 1/2″,3/4″, & 1″ angle iron stakes

Sign Ski is a pair of metal feet (“skis”) that provide a quick and easy way for Realtors to place their existing real estate sign in a yard without having to use force, tools, or penetrating the ground.

  • Universal Device That Can Be Applied To Most Real Estate Signs
  • Weighs Only 7 Pounds
  • Super Easy to Install!
  • Never Damage Another Sprinkler
  • Commercial Grade Construction
  • Adaptable To Most Real Estate Signs
  • Works On All Surfaces – Grass, Rocks, Concrete
  • Easily Adjusts For Uneven Ground And Hills
  • Your Sign Will Stay Upright In Rain, Wind, And Snow
  • No More Putting Unsightly Holes In Your Clients Yard
  • No Need for Tools Or Hammering
  • Patent Pending

Why Strain When You Can Ski?