Sign Ski Reviews


“Omg! It is the one thing I hate about this job, as well! Putting signs out is the ultimate embarrassment.”

– A. Jones

“This is a really cool invention.”

– E. Embry

“YAY!!!! My husband will be very grateful!”

– S. Nierop

“Great idea from a great girl!”

– S. Erwin

“I call the sign pounding the realtor walk of shame…. almost as bad as the open house balloon tying fiasco.”

– S. Crutch

“I love love love it. Great job.”

– B. Snyder

“Congratulations on your ingenuity in devising a new option for better sign display…”

– D. Oldmixon, Administrator, Texas Real Estate Commission

“These are freaking awesome!!!”

– K. Crawford

“I…keep the skis in our company car for the day when we have a property that has super hard ground to deal with. I…think the skis are great and I look forward to putting them to use!”

– P. Lasseigne

“I love your invention! Great idea!!!”

– F. Shanley


– C. Atwood

“Why in the world didn’t I think of that!!!!!! I’m definitely ordering a few.”

– L. Brown

“Great idea, I feel the same way, embarrassed trying to hammer in signs when the ground is hard and cars are driving by.”

– K. Fry

“I love it!”

– T. Mackovic

“Great idea…putting signs out is humiliating sometimes. I need some sign skis!!”

– E. Gill

“At last–something weatherproof. Very timely invention–good way to work around the parched ground due to the drought!”

– A. Garcia

“Brilliant and it is saving me from destroying their sprinkler system!”

– A. Olson

Why Strain When You Can Ski?